Who are we?

It all started in late December 2019, we decided that we want to start a hub, a place and a community for film photography. Fast forward to today, we are proud that we took the plunge and opened a small and cozy safe space for every film photographer. The Duckroom (you may already have guessed it) is a spinoff from the darkroom, a place where you turn an expectation into reality, or a film into a masterpiece. Regardless of the type of genre of photography or style that you are interested in, we yearn to make the Duckroom a place where you can bring life to the photos you took.

Let’s be honest, we are not the most experienced film lab that have ever existed (though we do aim towards that goal). However, we are comprised of enthusiasts and hobbyist, curious to try and experiment with new methods of doing things at the same time bringing life again to the old methods, appreciating the guidelines and rules of photography, developing and scanning of the film. As photographers, we do not want to be just another business for profit, we understand that every roll, every frame counts and we want to make sure that every action that we take will be able to bring out the best of the film, at the same time making sure that the preservation of the film roll is at non-intrusive as possible.

Another very important value to us, is the turn around time for processing and scanning of the film. Being in the digital era, shooting film is already slowing down the process for us to appreaciate the enjoyment of photography, but getting the images out at a reasonable time frame is very important to the process for both the Duckroom and our customers.

Besides film processing, we have a duckroom, where we encourage and invite all film photographers to come over and develop the film themselves. We believe that to fully appreciate the art of film photography, one needs to go through the full experience of creating an image. Similarly, we do have chemicals and the apparatus ready for the full hands on experience in the darkroom.

We also do carry a wide variety of film choices, ranging from 135 to 120 film stocks. Our goal is to stock up more creative and interesting film choices, for example, Lomography, JCH, and many more. At the same time, despite being a film lab, we really do want to encourage more and more film photographers to develop on their own, meaning we will be carrying and providing supplies for home development, be it thermometer, cylinders, tanks and the chemicals needed (don’t worry, we can guide you step by step)

That being said, we also aim to build the film photography community through conducting all levels of workshops, organizing photography sessions welcoming both beginner and seasoned photographers and hopefully with live talks and interview session with both local and international film users. Our goal is to enrich and provide meaningful experiences to the film photography community.

Okay, we've been quite long winded about what we do, what we aim to do and what we can offer. At the end of the day, we just want to provide a hub for photographers, even if he/she is not into film photography. Just come over and visit us, put our mind off the problems for a while and just enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends, or with us. Don't treat us like a shop, just treat us how you would a friend. We are open to new ideas, concepts, shooting sessions, workshops and services.

TLDR: Who are we? We are a group of enthusiasts like you, passionate for the art. We want to provide solutions to the problems that we think are lacking in Malaysia. We want to create a safe space for like-minded people to just come over and have a cup of coffee and talk about life. There may be a day, when all our film cameras will fail, but it is not now, as for now, Film Is Not Dead.